About me…

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A blog dedicated to motherhood and life that comes along with it. I’m Christina and I’m 24. I am a mother to one, and I have gone back to ‘student life’ while I attempt to finish a degree in nursing. I feel like sharing my insight into life of a semi busy mum and the amazing moments that come along with raising a baby.

Our favourite reads

img_1191-1We love books in our house. We also get comments from nursery that Olivia has spent some part of her day in the reading corner, thumbing through books and gabbering away to herself, making up her own story. Our bedtime ritual – which happens every night unless Olivia is too zonked to make it past the bath segment of her routine – is bath, book, bed. We unwind with a bottle of milk and a few books. I’ve noticed Olivia will actually take notice of book covers now, and pick out ones she enjoys looking at and listening to. Continue reading

Crap-free Christmas?


I hate myself for even talking about Christmas right now, because although I have seen so many people already putting up their decorations, I still think it’s far too early. It’s a a shame that by Christmas day people are sick of the sight of Christmas and the decs are down on boxing day – when actually it’s still Christmas?! But since so many people are asking what I’m doing for Christmas, or are half way through their shopping already, I thought I’d write something to make people maybe spare a thought for what they are actually wasting their money on. Continue reading

A day of Olivia

Being a parent, we all know, is a full time job. Whenever I am not at uni, and have a spare day in the week, I take the opportunity to have a day spent with Olivia – to have a fun day to explore things together and have fun. I was reading The Middle Mama’s (Franki) blog (@themiddlemama on instagram) and she did ‘a day in pictures’ taking a photo every hour in the day. So here is my day (or 12 hours of it) in pictures… Continue reading

Observing Olivia



As I write this, Olivia is 14 months old and its crazy! As she’s at nursery a lot of the week – around other babies and toddlers – she’s rapidly growing. It amazes me how much she has learnt in just the short time between her birthday and now. This post is mainly to update myself on what Olivia is up to now!

Her vocabulary is growing so fast! She has gone from babbling, to saying hello to everyone, and then surprising me by pointing at something and telling me what it is, or what noise it makes – we were in the bath the other day and she pointed at the duck and, as clear as day, pointed and shouted “duck!” She also enjoys gasping and looking shocked/surprised as she points and tells you what it is. She’s so clever (bias, I know).  She will also point at a fish and open and shut her mouth, mimicking a fish.
– We went to the park last weekend and she could hear a dog barking – she gasped, cupped her ear, and the kept saying dog! Continue reading

Managing Motherhood

I always believed that having a newborn was the hardest stage, and that was the time I’d need to  really try and manage me time better and adapt. But in all honesty, I managed to get through a good box set or two when Olivia was months old. She also slept well and I managed to get a fair few tasks done in the day. From the age of about 8 months when she started to crawl, that’s when time management became a real challenge! From making sure clothes were washed, preparing food, watching the baby and making sure she wasn’t into something she shouldn’t be. It’s exhausting. Now being back at uni too, staying somewhat on top of things is a task. I’ve thought up a few tips I have been using to help me fit everything in (or be ok when things don’t get done)… Continue reading

Seven sweet snippets

089606cc-7fcb-49f2-8c0c-c53de6105deaIt’s been a tiring week. Olivia was poorly this week (bloody nursery – I don’t think she’s been 100% well since starting). She had a super high temperature that just would not budge, despite the Calpol. She was lethargic and irritable and just altogether sad. Despite sleeping fairly well at night, with a little wake up around 3am but being able to be rocked back to sleep, I have hardly slept. It’s difficult to settle to sleep, even with my eyes burning! Due to this, I had a little wobble during the week and was really unsure of myself. I was being negative and down. But on reflection, it was really because of the lack of sleep (I don’t do well with no sleep). So now Olivia is on the mend, and I have had the first good nights sleep since last Saturday night, I’ve decided to find the goodness out of this week. So here are seven things I am thankful for this week. Seven sweet snippets. Continue reading